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In Year 2 all the skills and concepts your child has been learning so far in school will be refined and secured. Children should be starting to work more independently.

Their reading skills should be developing to a stage where they are ‘free readers’ and their writing should be starting to become more complex with added describing words and appropriate use of punctuation.

In maths they will work with larger numbers and secure their knowledge of the four computations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They will develop a sound understanding of place value and will learn strategies to calculate things quickly in their head. Many schools still carry out Key Stage 1 SATs in the summer term in Year 2.

These tests will test your child’s reading ability and comprehension and their writing skills. They will also test their mathematical skills. Your child will then be given a level for each subject which will be passed onto their teacher in Year 3 where they begin to work on the Key Stage 2 curriculum.