• To use knowledge of place value to position numbers on a number track and number line.


Parent Notes:

Place value refers to what each numeral in a 2 or more digit number represents. For example, in the number 23 the 3 represents 3 units, while the 2 represents 20 units or 2 tens.

It is very common for children to make mistakes in their maths due to poor understanding of place value. Often children read and write 2-digit numbers in reverse which in turn makes calculations incorrect. For example, a child may read the sum below:

42 + 3 =

as twenty-four add three equals, thus getting the answer of 27 instead of the correct answer of 45.

It is very important to help your child to achieve a good understanding of place value at this early age before matters are made more complicated with the introduction of 3-digit and 4-digit numbers.


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