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Reception is such an exciting time when your little four or five year old is experiencing ‘big’ school for the first time.

Reception is often called ‘The Foundation Stage’ which refers to the first stage of the National Curriculum aimed at 3-5 year olds. The curriculum is very much based around learning through play and your child will be encouraged to explore the world around them.

At this age children are like sponges, absorbing all the information surrounding them. Ability varies greatly at this stage as there is a lot of difference between a four and a five year old. But rest assured, with a little time and support your child will be able to fulfil their potential.

By the end of this year your child should be able to read simple books, they will recognise an increasing number of words and be able to form some simple sentences. In maths they will be able to work with numbers up to 20, beginning to perform simple calculations. They will be able to name common shapes, describe position and movement and work with simple patterns.