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Home Tutor Worksheets

All Literacy and Maths packs and worksheets are tailored to your child’s particular year group. They contain four units of work. Each unit is intended to be worked on over the course of one week. We suggest that this be in four 20 minute sessions, however, your child could also do three 25 minute sessions, or two 40 minute sessions. The Literacy and maths worksheets are designed to be flexible so that they can fit in easily with busy lifestyles. Each unit lays out clear learning objectives. This is the particular knowledge and skills that the unit intends to teach. There are detailed home tutoring parents notes, followed by four activities and worksheets.

In summary each monthly home tutor pack contains:

  • 4 units of work
  • Clear learning objectives
  • Detailed home tutoring parent notes
  • 16 Activities/worksheets

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Teacher Support

Our full home tutor teacher support enables you to contact a teacher with any questions you have or to discuss your child’s ongoing developement.

Literacy and Maths Resources Included

Included with your home tutor membership you will have available our free printable home tutor EBook ‘How to Teach Your Child’ which includes hints and tips on tutoring your child in Literacy and Maths. The literacy packs will include a list of the High Frequency words that your child should be learning to spell at their particular stage of development and a recommended fiction reading list. The Maths home tutor Packs up to year 3 will include a 100 square and a number track to support the units of work.

  • Free printable EBook ‘How to Teach Your Child’
  • List of High Frequency Words
  • Recommended fiction reading list
  • 100 square
  • Number track