How do I get my free taster pack?
To receive your free taster pack with absolutely no obligation to join, select your child’s year group and enter your name and email address in the box provided. You will then have instant access to your free taster pack.
How do I join?
To join Primary Home Tutor, select your child’s year group. Here you will find three options to join. You can choose ‘Literacy’, ‘Maths’ or ‘Literacy and Maths’. When you click on the ‘Join now’ button you will be taken securely to the Paypal website. Follow the instructions on the Paypal website to set up your secure payment. You will then automatically be logged into Primary Home Tutor and have instant access to the packs you have chosen as well as your free resources. Your login details will be sent to your email address so that you can login again at any time. We also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
What do I get when I join?
Enter answer hereWhen you join you will have instant access to the packs you have chosen. Your packs consist of four units with detailed parent notes. Each unit has four printable activities or worksheets for your child to work on. You can access your packs at any time using your login details. On the first day of each month your next pack will also be available for you to access. As well as your packs you will also have access to some FREE resources to support your child’s work. These include our Ebook ‘How to teach your child’, a recommended reading list, a list of words for your child to read and spell and all year groups up to Year 3 will receive a 100 square and number lines to support their work in maths.
What if I have more than one child?
You can join as many times as you wish. You will need to join separately for each child and each child will receive their own unique login details. Simply login to your child’s page to access their chosen packs.
How much does it cost?
Each pack costs just £9.99 per month. Subscription to both a literacy and a maths pack costs just £14.99 per month, giving you a saving of £4.99 per month. Both subscription rates include full tutor support. We also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
What should I do if my child is finding the work in the pack too easy or too hard?
All packs have been carefully put together by fully qualified teachers to meet the needs of primary school age children. If your child is finding the work too easy or is struggling with the work you may find that they need a different pack. Please contact us at explaining the problem and stating the pack you have subscribed to. We will suggest an alternative pack for your child to try and alter your subscription accordingly.
Can I photocopy the worksheets from the pack?
Please understand that a lot of work has gone into the development of our packs. Therefore we do not allow any reproduction of our packs without prior permission.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you would like to cancel, please send an email to Please allow 48 hours for this to take effect. Alternatively you can go into your Paypal account to cancel instantly.