Primary Home Tutor was originated by Marie Bardill (B.Ed HONS). Marie is a fully qualified teacher. As a practising teacher, Marie was often asked by parents how they could help their children at home.

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Home Tutoring

You can ask your child’s teacher to give you information on the work your child is doing in school. However, teachers are so busy that they are unable to give you much help with activities you can do with your child. There are some workbooks available to buy, but these do not cover all aspects of the curriculum in literacy and numeracy. Home tutoring is very expensive (starting at approximately £80 a month) and difficult to fit into busy family lives. You need to find a suitable tutor and arrange a mutually convenient time, either in your own home or at your tutor’s house.

National Curriculum

The tutoring packs we produce cover all the learning objectives laid out in the national curriculum for England and Wales in maths and english. They will increase your child’s learning potential and help prepare them for SATs. The work is flexible and can be done at a time that is convenient to you and your child. Detailed parent’s notes give you the knowledge to pass on to your child. The activities are fun and challenging and you can even have them marked by a fully qualified teacher.

“Your child will have all the benefits of a home tutor at a fraction of the cost.”


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